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What is hepatitis?

What is hepatitis?

Experts of Pakistan Society for the Leisure Disease, said that more than 111 people in Pakistan go to death due to Hepatitis B and C daily, in Pakistan, the number of people suffering from both diseases and diseases in Pakistan The majority of which are not aware of their illness, the deaths resulting from Pakistan hepatitis are far more than the result of TB, dengue, malaria and AIDS result. Fortunately, hepatitis is 100% cure of cure. Which can be preserved safely but can also be treated -

What is hepatitis?
What is hepatitis?

The liver is the largest part of the organs found 
in the human body. It is not only the size of 
the body but also its primary importance in 
terms of its actions. The liver is the most 
part of the body that produces strength in the 
body with digestive food and performs more
 important tasks, because if the problem
 occurs in the use of liver functions, then 
the whole
 body becomes disturbed by human body, Liver inflammation is very dangerous for human 
health, which is called hepatitis. Hepatitis is said to be liver inflammation, affected by 
carpentry, or incomplete. Hepatitis is caused by viruses,

Hepatitis is an epidemic, if it is diagnosed on time, it is easy to cure, but if it is not taken 
care of the treatment then it can affect the liver badly, and many other problems for the
 human body. The reason for this can be.
Types of hepatitis: -
Types of hepatitis: -

There are five types of hepatitis worldwide, 
unfortunately, there are all kinds of liver
 inflammation in Pakistan. In the rural areas, 
the rate of growth of this disease, on one hand, 
s now in danger of elderly people in big cities. 
As hepatitis A, B, C, and D hepatitis-A and B
 are common types of disease, C and D are 
counted in extremely dangerous diseases.

Every year hundreds of people in Pakistan are
 compelled to spend millions of rupees abroad
 for piling the liver due to the illness of the 
disease, but government agencies are unable to
 take practical steps to understand the seriousness of the situation.
Reasons for hepatitis: -
According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.5 million people are suffering from
 serious and dangerous diseases such as hepatitis-Heptitis damages the liver, it transfers
 through a human being to another person. There are many other causes of hepatitis such
 as non-standard and non-balanced diet use, 

Use of syringes used by people suffering from Hepatitis patients in the right people, use syringes used by Hepatitis. Use of untreated potassium equipment. Use of non-purified tools of airborne devices. Do not have proper cleaning. Feeding the mother's child with hepatitis. The second pregnancy women attack more than the normal days of the attack of hepatitis virus. There is a decrease in deficiency. More use of drug wines and food or water that contains waste substance increases the risk of hepatitis. 
Symptoms of hepatitis: -

What is hepatitis?
Hepatitis C patients are often fevered, they feel 
tired, their joints also suffer from a black 
urine. Light lighter fever and cold feeling. 
Reducing the patient's hunger. Variety of 
 and nausea. Frequency of diabetes and 
depression. Feel headaches and heavy pains, 
fill the stomach all over time and feel pain. No, 
the color of the nausea is yellow. Some
 patients have a slight light and subsequently 
severe armpit on the body. The outer space 
of the skin is red and darkened. Do not feel 
unhappy with touching the sun. You are 
to notice from these signs so that the symptoms of these symptoms are necessary to refer
 to the doctor.

Hepatitis Rescue: -
Completely alcoholic alcohol and other types of drugs. Avoid full diet and non-standard food items. Avoid eating out of your diet. Keep special care and keep your hands always clean. Be sure to vaccine the vaccine so that it can be protected from the dangers. Ensure teeth inspection, medical inspection equipment that they are sterilized well.
Medical experts say that hepatitis B and C virus is caused by the transfer of bad blood 
bodies and the use of germinated devices. Due to absence of cure, changes in liver cancer
 cause death. Hepatitis is more cautious than curing medicines .With the symptoms of 
severe illness, referring to a specialist physician, protecting your patients with accurate 
and healthy life in the form of severe symptoms of the disease.