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How to save after nuclear attack?

How to save after nuclear attack?
How to save after nuclear attack?
Information from which everyone should be aware
This kind of social media is capable of being teased in gold that it has done centuries of ignorance in the past and has opened closed doors of consciousness on every particular and ordinary. Even windows, the media of the media stand up, and then all the details of the window come forward, as such an aspect of the goodness of human beings is hidden, which can be followed by implementing all types of damages. These days the season of war threats started in Pakistan and India, so it seems that both countries are rich in nuclear power. A victory for the country's first nuclear button down,
Or its missile can spread nuclear disasters in its borders .It is not a legend but the fact that Naga Sockey and Hiroshima have been using nuclear weapons to Afghanistan since the northeast of Baghdad .Just only diesel atom bombs and dread bombs It has also shown that the danger of small atom bombs, as well as forces of many countries, have also had bombs that can use them in a big warrior threat. Or just for terrorism A major city can target. It seems that nuclear weapons and destruction of radios are created. How can protect humans from the research? It is not a minor work .It will require modern and fast construction infrastructure, but nuclear technology in the world,
How many countries have such training and equipment to save their citizens? Atomic radiation does not survive in the open houses, whereas it requires more than ten feet more than ten feet of the most protected basins, as far as radiation can not be reached .Quantcast and fully informed People know Of course, the nations of Pakistan and India are deprived of this exclusively.
I remember that in this context Dr. Sultan Bashir Mahmood, 
How to save after nuclear attack?
the leading nuclear scientist, is one of the earliest archaeological programs, he has written a book entitled "Prevention of Chemistry, Bacterial and Disaster Deficit of Destruction" Ordinary need to be normal,
This topic is the first such thing to be done in Pakistan's curriculum, which should be part of education, so that generations should be known to avoid nuclear radiation and attack. Due to such a comprehensive information, huge number of humans can be saved from death and the most important thing is that the concepts of construction of houses will also change. We have a madness to establish the highest buildings and this style is appreciated. While high-rise buildings in nuclear war will flow like dust and earth, but land drought-building is more likely to be safe.
As stated that social media has become the biggest source of information, in view of the subject matter, these information articles are also circulation for preventing nuclear disadvantages that highlight the ways of preventing radiation. I also got an informative article in the Wats app whose author is not aware, but this message is so comprehensive that it can be considered as charity, and its author will definitely be rewarded and its purpose is also fulfilled. The information that has been given in this article, you should read them and reach their points so that the awareness process continues.
The article states that in today's era human being can face the most terrible non-violent disaster. It's an nuclear attack.
If atomic bomb is dropped on your city. You can still survive. Currently there are 20000 nuclear weapons in the world.
The capital, the main military chaunts, the major cities and the most populated areas are the first target of nuclear attacks.
Take care of the situation
The nuclear attack is always the last option in the war. Determine yourself from your country and international affairs and keep precautionary steps in case of any war.
How to save after nuclear attack?
You can only avoid nuclear attacks and its effects if you have a strong and secure refugee vehicle. The best refuge will be at least 10 feet below the ground floor. Refugees can be made on the ground, but they will not be able to stop radiation completely.
The roof made on the ground should be made from building stone if used for general bricks and concrete, then at least 5 layers should be applied instead of brick bricks.
Store so much luggage in your shelter, which is enough for 3,2 weeks,

Description of goods:
1- Tune pack food, which contains no meat items, but vegetables, fruits and bars, so that food poisoning can be prevented from excessive discomfort.
 How to save after nuclear attack?How to save after nuclear attack?

2- Distilled or mineral water bottles.
How to save after nuclear attack?

3-A large tank of water that will be used for drainage.
4- A radio. (Your mobile radiation will fail after the first shock).
A 5-plus pair of clothes.
How to save after nuclear attack?

6- Books, which will help in passing underground for many days.
7-First Aid Kit.
How to save after nuclear attack?

8- Medicines in which fever, headaches, body pills, sleeping puzzles

9-Bears or Alternative Alternative Management, Flashlight, Potassium Ivideide Tablets, (Use Blast Day) Pencils Potassium, Safety Anti-Septitic Spray.
 How to save after nuclear attack?How to save after nuclear attack?

If nuclear attack?
In the case of any accident or attack, the first principle of survival is to control your consciousness and control your mind. Being a nuclear attack will give you a powerful explosion within a second and immediately a large number of miles of smoke will be seen as a "mushroom". Understand that it is nuclear attack. Start the struggle to survive:
There are three stages of nuclear deterrence, initially. Fill out,
Radioactive storm
If nuclear warheads have been dispatched within your localized mail mail, read the word immediately and sit, then stand up, and within the next three seconds your existence will fly to Steam bin. You can save if you have a diameter of a distance from the nuclear attack. You have no more than 5 seconds after the first explosion. On the opposite side of the gloom, any concrete thing reaches the wall or a deep place, lay downside down on the ground, keeping your ears on the head, digging the ears and crossing the legs, while at the same time you have another sound. Will be more powerful than ever before and will create severe earthquake. Congratulations! You escaped early explosion.

Fault auto In the first explosion, hundreds of buildings flying in the northwest of Johannah, their rubble will now be wasted in the rain, as well as the rain-ridden "Alpha Particles" will begin. Do not turn around at all times. And try to avoid falling things in a hurry. Greetings if you reach sheltered right! You escaped from flaws. Once you enter a sinful car, take a moment without removing all your clothes, because during the short fall, it should have been sucking alpha parts. After that, if you are injured, take early medical assistance if you are right then make a bath so that the infant children can be saved from the affected effects to a limited extent. Now there is a radiation storm on the ground and you have to stay in a shelter for several days. Remember:
Eat at least 2. -Get time as fast as possible 3. Keep listening to the radio and keep track of the situation. 4- Keep your courage back. 5- In the next few days, Radio Active Scans may cause spiral fever, knees, ulcers. Use the medicines you have. Most of the 5 days after relief teams and military forces will arrive in your area. Listen to the radio when relief activities have started in your area of ​​trust. Exit and get immediate contact with the closest aid worker so that you can get rid of radiation area immediately. If you can not reach any relief team, then leave the shelter after 20 days. So far the radiation storm has reached.